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talking to myselfA Loonatic's Tale #4: Talking to Myself

108 pages in color, $32

Dr. Qubert, an overly enthusiastic psychologist of the Mercia Sanitarium, has a theory that everyone sees the world in a unique way. When putting his theory to the test on the Mercia Elite themselves, he finds them seeing the world as musicals, early 1900's era animation, populated by adorable animals, and more.

With each new member comes a new story and art style to reflect a new point-of-view. Is Dr. Qubert's theory accurate, or is he just as delusional as the rest of the team?

Extras include:

- Commentary on every comic page by Rick and Rebecca
- Sketch section of things not available online


job hunting rehiredA Loonatic's Tale #2: Job Hunting: Rehired

48 pages in color, $9

Even the insane need some source of income. Seeing that cable TV doesn't pay for itself, Flint Dartson and Dr. Riley Zinc decide to search for possible employment. During their hunt, they run across a king that has vampire assassins after him.

Will the duo be able to fight off the vampires and save the king? Or will they fail miserably and end up jobless and dead? It's hard to tell. They're pretty incompetent.

This remake includes extras, such as:

- Commentary on ever comic page by Rick and Rebecca
- Sketch section of things not available online



100 pages in color, $30

When an airship repairman is traveling with the royal family of Mercia, an ambush strikes and attacks their airship. As his duty to his country, Troy McKelski must venture through battle and escort the prince to safety.




Extras include:

- Commentary on every comic page
- Sketches of things not seen online
- A letter from the writer in the front and back
- Fanart section


crossbonesA Loonatic's Tale Collection Vol. 1

178 pages in color, $26

In the first collection book for A Loonatic's Tale, we have the first three comics of the series (Zinc's Day Out, Job Hunting [original], Stone Cold Crazy) along with tons of bonus material for your amusement.




Such bonuses include:

- A remake of Zinc's Day Out
- Tons of concept sketches and doodles
- Illustrations of events to come and backstories
- The bonus comic Divine Intervention
- Commentary on every comic page

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zinc tieMercia Elite Button

$1.45 and up depending on size

With this badge, you are now licensed to maim all around!

*Warning: does not actually license you to maim all around.


zinc tieZinc's Tie


Enjoy looking professional and insane at the same time? Perhaps you should invest in this tie, made to look like Zinc's tie in A Loonatic's Tale (ripped end not included)!



i heart morningsI Heart Mornings Mug


I love ironic mugs! Don't you? You can buy a mug just like King Malcolm's in A Loonatic's Tale! Perfect for burning vampires in the face with scalding coffee!


vagabond sweatshirt"I'm So Fast, You Can't See My Body" Sweatshirt


Want something badass? Maybe you should buy this sweatshirt of the Vagabond. This sweatshirt will make you so fast, no one will be able to see your body when you wear it!



flint shirtFlint's Paradise Woman's Shirt


Something classy for the ladies. Wear this shirt for Flint, because this is the closest he'll ever get to real boobs.







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noir posterNigota Poster

$10.99 standard, price ranges by size/paper

Here are all the different kinds of vampires that appear in A Loonatic's Tale together!




noir posterMastermind: Mercury Poster

$10.99 standard, price ranges by size/paper

A scene of the Mastermind crew exploring the wonders of Mercury!

squibs posterSquibs Poster

$10.99 standard, price ranges by size/paper

An art test for a future comic, here's Max Squibs getting ready to draw his guns!



mind gamesMind Game Poster

$10.99 standard, price ranges by size/paper

A preview of an abilities of the Cruor twins: mind games! Stay on their good side.


crossbones posterCrossbones Poster

$10.99 standard, price ranges by size/paper

A print of the front cover, without words.




noir posterNoir Poster

$10.99 standard, price ranges by size/paper

A preview of a future story we'll eventually do. This is a drawing of the cast and the film noir-like atmosphere, in a world where shadows come to life.

Silent Era Poster

$10.99 standard, price ranges by size/paper

The Elite is all together in Flint's point-of-view style from Talking to Myself!


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