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These are other places on the internets that are cool places for cool kids! If you're the stalker type, here's where you can find the ZiBaricrew in other areas!

Rebecca can be found at:

tinyrebeccadeviantart tumblr twitter smackjeeves drunkduck comicfury ink please hire rebecca


Rick can be found at:

tiny rick

deviantart tumblr twitter



Nick can be found at:

tiny nick

deviantart smackjeeves comic fury



Bex can be found at:

tinybexdeviantart tumblr twitter smackjeeves drunkduck bex portfolio



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Other fun places:

You can ask specific questions to characters (or even us) here!

tv tropes
A fan-made TV Tropes page for A Loonatic's Tale!

zibaricon fans
And for you DeviantART users, there's a fan-made club for you!

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Our other friends:

the daily pos
Ran by our good friend Soaprman, who also helps us with web coding and forum skins!

Where Rick and his friend Krem do Let's Plays!

chris burg
Do you like guns? Like, really like guns? So does Rebecca's brother, Christopher Burg.

tony kinnard
A fellow webcomic buddy, Tony Kinnard, does artwork too!

desolate ceremony
Where dust bunnies hang out with strange long-tailed girls, by Athena West!

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The MCAD Cool Peeps Crew:

Meg Dolan captures stories of Greek mythology with the magic of photography.

Dan Ferro does a bunch of web and design work. Need a good logo for your metal band? Here's the place.

Alisha Hagen makes animations of adorable things! Like little piggies doing their best, manly unicorns, and a mermaid of questionable origins.

Ned Hurley wants to tell you about dreams with his films. Dreams about needing a screwdriver, but the department store is all out. Weird, huh?

Shannon McKay uses photography to tell you about the great outdoors, of both historical or fictional experiences.

Neville McKinnie is an animator who likes to tell the hardships of cartoon paperboys.

Nathan Nash also does a bunch of web development. He can even get the internet to calculate the end of the universe!

Jeremy Ney enjoys long walks on the beach, black, and doing work that calls attention to the happenings of selfish media.

Vanessa Russell does photography work as well, documenting the world around her and its backstory.

Seasons Seman has some serene animations, along with cute little fluffy things all throughout the site!

yzMedia has some films too, namely one about a guy building a rocket ship to escape his own reality.

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