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Zinc Plays Pokemon Red

pokemon redDon't want to put forth the effort to play a classic, Pokemon Red Version? Would you rather have someone else do it for you? How about someone as neurotic as Zinc of A Loonatic's Tale?

Experience the game through the eyes of Zinc, as he gets yelled at by trainers, goes mad with power, and accidentally breaks the game with its notorious glitches.

To state the obvious, we do not own the Pokemon francise. Otherwise, we'd be swimming in a sea of money. This is for fun and not for profit!

Part 9: Lost For Four Months Kill Me Now (Rock Tunnel)

Part 8: American Psycho (Vermillion)

Part 7: Floatzart's Revenge (S.S. Anne)

Part 6: Zinc Sees What is Not Meant to Be (Vermillion)

Part 5: The Freak in the Cottage (Cerulean)

Part 4: Flint the Bloodsucker (Mt. Moon)

Part 3: Zinc Catches Pokemon, But Not a Break (Viridan, Pewter)

Part 2: Flint is a Douche (Pallet)

Part 1: The Insanity Begins (Pallet)

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