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This area is for things that don't quite fit anywhere else, but we want to post something cool anyways! Articles, extra projects, and so on will be featured here whenever we got something to show!

pokemon redZinc Plays Pokemon Red

Experience the game through the eyes of Zinc, as he gets yelled at by trainers, goes mad with power, and accidentally breaks the game with its notorious glitches.

starting a webcomicSigning Boards of Signing

Did you visit our table at a convention? Did you sign your soul over to us while there (seriously guys, read the damned fine print)? We post this and all the links people write down for every convention Rick and Rebecca go to!

starting a webcomicStarting a Webcomic

Rebecca writes a short article about things to consider if you want to start a webcomic.


stone cold crazy read-a-longStone Cold Crazy Read-A-Long

Taking a section from A Loonatic's Tale: Stone Cold Crazy (pages 55 to 70), this video adds voices and sound to the comic.