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With our large collection of comics, some self-contained and others part of a series, we've split everything into their own "universe" so you can better understand what stories happen in relation to one another.

a loonatic's tale

The world is filled with crazy people. You probably know a few yourself. This universe celebrates the "diversity" of these individuals, with stories revolving around the Mercia Elite, the mysterious figure known as "the Vagabond," the perils of the war against Mysteel, and more!


The epic story about a forbidden sword that is said to have the capabilities to manipulate the very fabric of time and space. After an ancient battle between the Gods, this weapon was cast into the void, never to be used again. But all things that are lost must resurface eventually...

strangers and friends

The small English town of Wootton Bassett begins to be haunted by a series of mysterious and horrific murders! Hemu, a new-comer to the town, becomes an obvious and easy target to the local community--he does have his fair share of secrets! But what secrets are the other locals hiding?

bex one shots

One-shot comics by Rebecca "Bex" Burgess. Currently, this includes "Letters to England" and there's more separate stories expected to come!