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shoju cruorShoju Yojiro

Series: Verboten
First appearance: Overture of the Shattered Sword

Race: Human
Age: 21
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 167 lbs.
Intelligence: Average

Quote: "That isn't the type of thing you joke about... you wrinkly, fossilized bastard!"

Personality: Shoju just cannot empathize with anyone in an authoratative position. High-ranked knights, his elders, even the King himself. Shoju sees the flaws with the people in power (particularly the knights) and disassociates himself from them. He firmly believes in bettering the world by using position and rank to protect those who need it. However, he sees the present day knights lacking in this virtue, which displeases him. He's apathetic toward most people, and trusts few aside from a small handful of close friends. Though few in number, Shoju is very caring of his friends, and would go out of his way to help one of them (or any person in need, for that matter).

Background: Shoju's apathy and distrustful nature largely stems from the disappearance of his brother, Nigeru Yojiro, the highest-ranked Knight in the history of Saint Geneva. This happened roughly 10 years ago (when Shoju was 11). Shoju didn't have a real parental figure, as their mother died not long after his birth, and their father died roughly a year later. He looked up to his brother not just as out of admiration and as an older brother, but also as a sort of father figure. Shoju was raised in a small coastal village, and lives with he and Nigeru's grandfather, Kotetsu.

Fighting Style: Though he and Nigeru would spar when he was a child, Shoju has very little real skill with a sword. He did train as a knight for a few months, but saw virtually no battle. Shoju predominantly fights with a small hand-axe. He doesn't use any particular style of fighting other than "hit-it-until-it-falls." Shoju has average strength and could beat a single person in battle if they were evenly matched, but he isn't all that tactical. He probably couldn't take on a group of people, or a single powerful enemy. He does have some knight training, so he does know-how to use his surroundings and use various tricks. He just generally takes too casual of an approach to battle.

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