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nina cruorNina Valens

Series: Verboten
First appearance: ???

Race: Human
Age: 10
Height: 4'0"
Weight: 89 lbs
Intelligence: Average

Quote: "No, no, Whitelove! Its Ni-NA not Ni-NI!"

Personality: Nina is a probably best described as a "normal" kid; she's bubbly, outgoing, playful, and simply wants to do whatever she can to help. Of the six individuals in the main group, she is probably the one that gets along with all the others on the most equal terms. She can find any number of ways to make a friend out of someone, and is trusting almost to a fault. While most of the other members of the group won't usually come to her for advice due to her age, when Nina does overhear them, she'll offer them advice. Because of her age, she tends to dispense advice in which her naivety and innocence shows. However, because of the fact that her opinions haven't been tainted with judgment, fear, or the general corrupt nature of the world, the other party members actually take her advice with high consideration. It usually offers them an angle they hadn't considered, or gives them insight from a whole new perspective. It is safest to simply say that she is a sweet little girl who simply lacks prejudice, and doesn't really see anyone as inherently bad, unless she observes them trying to hurt someone.

Background: Nina comes from the island archipelago country of Aquaria Wester, to the southeast of the large central continent that Saint Geneva lies on. Nina's parents are both still alive and well; her father is an Admiral of the Aquaria Navy, and her mother is Captain. She accompanied her parents on their travels since she was a baby; her parents don't even own a home on land, and her family spends nearly all of its time at sea. Having grown up watching an Admiral and a Captain at work, Nina has formulated excellent leadership and decision-making skills despite her young age and unassuming nature. She is surprisingly charismatic, and very few individuals from the country of Aquaria even take her age into consideration. She is a natural leader at sea, and even commands her own galleon.

Fighting Style: Nina's hand-to-hand fighting abilities are probably one of her weakest points. She is more of a person who is able to direct larger-scale attacks from afar. In hand-to-hand situations, she fights with shorter swords and knives like stilettos. Because of her small stature, it is difficult for most people to hit her, so they often tend to ignore her on the battlefield (which is when she'll come in and distract someone by jabbing at their kneecaps). She is more of a recon or spy-like individual when on land, only fighting when it is absolutely necessary.

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