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lin cruorMei Lin Sheng

Series: Verboten
First appearance: ???

Race: Human
Age: 26
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 138 lbs.
Intelligence: Above average

Quote: "Oh hoh hoh, Shoju. I didn't mean to string you along, but you're just a little boy. Not my type. Besides, I think someone else may be more interested in you..."

Personality: Flirty, outgoing, and outspoken, Lin is confident and surprisingly wise and worldly despite her fairly young age. She'll play harmless mind-games with most men, leading them along and teasing them a bit (mostly because she finds their reactions, "cute" or "funny"). The only relentless one she seems to have trouble with is Ulysses. She also becomes fairly good friends with Aryssa, giving her advice and relates to her most out of the others. Lin does speak very openly and in a friendly manner with all the others, but in some instances, she can seem oddly distant. She conceals this fairly well, though it doesn't go completely unnoticed by everyone...

Background: Little is known about Lin's blood relations. She's from a country on the Eastern continent of Shiara, though she rarely speaks of her home village or family. In fact, when the subject is brought up, Lin gets surprisingly defensive and changes the subject almost immediately. The only thing known about her past is that she was once married to a now-estranged scientist who disappeared under unknown circumstances. Supposedly, the two of them had two children. Their status and location is unknown, as it is another subject Lin won't openly speak of.

Fighting Style: Lin is sort of dancer/enchantress, and uses graceful, sweeping movements to attack an enemy. The weapon she uses is sort of long sash, with a crescent-shaped blade tied to each end. She uses her movements to sweep these blades around, striking enemies from afar with surprising accuracy. Her attacks are moderately strong. Lin is probably one of the most balanced fighters with quick moves and decent damage, hits, and accuracy, along with being able to evade or shake off most enemy's normal hits with little trouble.

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