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giovanni cruorGiovanni Genevian

Series: Verboten
First Appearance: Overture of the Shattered Sword

Race: Human
Age: 79
Height: 6' 7"
Weight: 181 lbs.
Intelligence: Brilliant

Quote: "I should have you know... I have executed men for improperly addressing me!"

Personality: King Giovanni Genevian is a difficult man to figure out. He is extremely disciplined in that it is almost impossible for anyone to truly read his thoughts and emotions just by observing his face and actions. His standard expression gives off only a cold, calculating demeanor. He can give off a threatening vibe one minute, then can instantly shift to the attitude of a playful, harmless old man the next. However, Giovanni seems to genuinely care for the country of Saint Geneva and its people. In public, he knows exactly what to say to rally the citizens of his country, and always keeps morale very, very high.

Background: Giovanni's background is steeped in mystery. No one knows his home village, no one knows when he came to Saint Geneva, no one really even knows about his family. The only thing people know is that he claimed that he once had a wife and children "long ago" (probably before he became King, as he has held that position for nearly fifty years and has never had family in that time). Before he was King, he was a knight for the kingdom of Saint Geneva. Like the Yojiros, Giovanni quickly rose through the ranks because of his great leadership skills and abilities as a knight. After a decisive, sweeping battle against countries to the North when he was a general, Giovanni was placed on the throne as the new King (the King at the time died in the same war) Since he had been the King for such a long time, Giovanni has seen Shoju, Nigeru, their father, and Kotetsu (Shoju and Nigeru's grandfather) serve under him as knights. He has always kept a watchful eye on the Yojiros, taking a strange interest in their history and family lineage. It is difficult to figure out exactly why, but Giovanni is convinced they are the protectors of the lost sword "Verboten," which is said to have belonged to the God of Time. Why he takes an interest in such things is currently unknown.

Fighting Style: Like most things surrounding Giovanni, his fighting style is a mystery. Since he was a knight years ago, the assumption is that he is very able with a sword. He led many men into battle, saw very few defeats, and his skill was unparalleled at the time. Claims are that knights of the past were much more aggressive than the current knights, so he likely fights in fairly typical knight fashion (but probably has much more strength and ability than most people would assume). However, Giovanni hasn't seen a real battle in decades, so an old man such as himself would probably have gotten rusty over the years... right?

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