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aryssa cruorAryssa Tygress Katrina

Series: Verboten
First appearance: Where Our Shadows Reside

Race: Feralian
Age: 19
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 121 lbs.
Intelligence: Average

Quote: "Dragons are rare, but a white dragon is almost unheard of. Maybe we could even be friends!"

Personality: Aryssa is a number of things, most of which are strangely opposite. She comes off as being very friendly, optimistic, and bubbly. She loves the world and animals especially. On the flip side, around most people and other Feralians, she is shy, introverted, and more often than not, nervous of what other people think of her. Despite that, she does get along with people quite well--especially Shoju and his group of travelers. Feralians, however, are not a very common race, so most normal humans see Aryssa as a bit of an oddity. Regardless, she is a relatively happy (if not somewhat quiet), though she seems to relate most to Shoju and Nina.

Background: Aryssa is from a small village in a forest at the base of a large mountain. She is a member of the aformetioned "Feralian" race, a group of human/feline hybrids. The origin of this race is relatively unknown and surrounded in mystery. Most humans don't even know of their existance, but the Feralians pride themselves on their rich, cultural history and connection to nature. Most of their lore dates back several hundred to a thousand years.

Aryssa herself is the the daughter of the Feralian village Chief, effectively placing her into a sort of position of royalty. Most Feralians are much more balanced in terms of human and feline attributes, but Aryssa is considerably more human in appearance. This is due to the fact that her mother was human. She never knew her mother, however, as she died giving birth to Aryssa. Because of the fact that she is considerably more human in nature, the Feralians have never been quite fond of her, making her feel like an outcast in her own village and with her own people. This is largely what led to her somewhat inward nature, as she learned that it is probably best to not be seen and to say as little as possible in the presence of pure-blooded Feralians.

Fighting Style: Feralians pride themselves on their battle abilities. Typically, they're b, fast, and sturdy in nature. A perfect balance of defense, power, and ability. However, because of her mostly human nature, Aryssa lacks much of the dexterity, ferocity, and strength of a true Feralian. Due to her lighter, more human frame, she is very agile and fast. Feralians typically fight with spears and polearm-type weapons, and Aryssa is no different. Feralians claim the spirit of the Dragon resides within them, which is why they choose spears as their weapons--usually, they are created to mimic dragon talons and/or teeth. Even though Aryssa lacks the true strengh of a pure-blooded Feralian, her speed allows her to quickly move in and take several swipes at an enemy from afar with her weapon. Even though her individual attacks don't pack a huge punch, she's able to get in two or three hits before the enemy can get in one.

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