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About Us

First time here? ZiBaricon is a webcomic site, hosting such series as A Loonatic's Tale, Verboten, Strangers & Friends, and more!

The Crew

rebecca burgRebecca Burg

One of the two founders of ZiBaricon, Rebecca is the airheaded artist/co-writer of such titles as A Loonatic's Tale, Crossbones, Vagabond, and more. In arm with Rick, the two created ZiBaricon to promote webcomics they enjoyed (including their own).

Rebecca hails from the tundra known as Minnesota, graduating the Minneapolis College of Art and Design with a Bachelor of Fine Art degree in Web & Multimedia. Though she technically dabbles in web work, her other true passion is comics, as she combined the two together.

Noteworthy things about her aside from her constant spaciness and workaholic methods would be her love of bunnies and Pokemon.


rick fortner

Rick Fortner

The other fellow founder of ZiBaricon, Rick is the main writer of A Loonatic's Tale, Crossbones, Vagabond, and so on. Though he can't draw past stick figures, Rick does a lot of the legwork with plotting out the main storylines for the comics along with writing for over half the cast.

Rick fled Michigan to Minnesota in an effort to find a job (and found one within a week of arriving after years of searching Michigan). Once together, he and Rebecca spent most of their waking time possible planning the comic and working on new things for ZiBaricon. He acts as the showman at conventions, always the first to strike conversation.

Noteworthy things about Rick aside from his love of money and love to hate would be his habit of wearing tacky Hawaiian shirts and secret love for terrible romance manga.


nick meyer

Nick Meyer

Nick is the writer and artist for Verboten, and has been working on it for years. Nick met Rick and Rebecca while attending MCAD, and soon became a good (sane) friend.

Migrating from Iowa, he often chats with Rick and Rebecca and comes along with for conventions. The "straight man" of the group, Nick is often the most level-headed sounding and more prone to pratical and scientific discussions on the podcast.

Noteworthy things about Nick aside from his adoration of blue hoodies and amazing photosniping abilities would be his love for time travel and looking forward to great things in the future.


rebecca bex burgessRebecca "Bex" Burgess

Bex is the writer and artist for Strangers & Friends and other short story comics. After being featured on a webcomic site, Rebecca internet stalked this poor girl and eventually asked her to join the website. Thankfully, she joined instead of filing for restraining orders!

Happily content in the distant land of the UK, people have theorized her as being a failed clone of Rebecca Burg (cleverly changing her name to "Burgess") or a time traveler from 1876 due to her constant reference to history, culture, and old things in her works.

Noteworthy things about Bex aside from her nickname used to avoid constant confusion and her inability to keep an orange tree from dying would be her passion for the theater and absurdly long walks.


romero cat

Sgt. Romero

Last, but not least, would be Rick and Rebecca's plague-ridden cat. Noteworthy things about him aside from his neverending whining and love for warm things would be his constant need of medical treatment for parasites, urniary tract infections, ear infections, fatty liver disease, and ringworm.

He's just so damn cute though!

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"What the hell is 'ZiBaricon' supposed to mean?"
The name "ZiBaricon" is a fourth wall joke. In A Loonatic's Tale, at some point, three characters will make a lab (Jasper Zinc, Rodger Barium, and Edgar Silicon). After much debate over the name, they will decide to mash their last names together to name the lab: "Zi" (Zinc) "Bari" (Barium) "con" (Silicon).

So, basically, the characters in the comic have a lab that produce the comics they're in. Yeah, we totally blew your minds, man.

"You talk as if you have this planned out."
All of our webcomics are all planned in advanced before we do them, even planning years and years ahead of the current storyline. That's why we like to namedrop or give hints at events that won't even happen for decades production-wise in the podcast. We're just dicks like that.

"Do you take commissions/freelance work?"
Why, yes we do! If you're interested in someone doing some art for you, don't hesitate to email either Rebecca, Bex, or Nick about what you'd like! Remember, Rebecca does the A Loonatic's Tale work, Bex is responsible for Strangers & Friends, Nick draws Verboten art.

"Hey, I do comics too! Can I join your website?"
Though we are not opposed at all to you sharing your comic with us, we can't accept everyone onto the site. We have certain criteria you should meet before we'll consider you and your comic:

1) You have a comic that updates frequently (none of that "taking two months off" shenanigans). We understand life happens. Hell, we aren't perfect with our updates by any means. But not updating should never be due to laziness.

In general, we usually update our comics once a week.

2) You have quality art, or at least seem to be improving/practicing your craft. You don't need to be Leonardo, but you do have to care about doing better no matter what art level you're at. Art is a never ending process, and that should show in your work.

3) Good story. We want something people will want to come and read (and we get more visits, see). Something different, inventive, and thoughtful are all qualities we look for, and especially plotting out your story ideas in advance.

4) You have to be a cool bro. If we don't really know you too well or you come off as a dick, we probably will not ask you. If we don't know you, you can certainly talk to us at any time and let us get to know you! We do live podcasts nearly every week, have multiple sites we frequent, and are almost always on the internet in some form. Don't be shy!

If you end up qualifying for these points, we'll take notice and might even invite you on the team!

"What happened to the first eight podcasts?"
They were pretty terrible, and also before Nick joined in. Mostly, they were terrible.

"When do you guys update?"
That's dependant on each artist (and that information changes constantly). We generally update comics on a once-a-week basis, with the main website being updated on Sundays.

"I saw the Artist Alley 4 video on That Guy With The Glasses! Is Rebecca really colorblind?"
She is, though a mild case! She mixes up reds, blacks, and browns a lot. Don't want her to read something you wrote? Write in red on a black background. She'll never know.

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